Services 1. Mixing/Mastering

Engineering at DJ LES's STUDIO 64 cir 2014. Downtown Norfolk, VA.
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After successfully recording his first song at Bay Records & Recording Studio in the Oceanview section of Norfolk, Virginia back around 1986. DJ Lewy Lew didn't completely like the final mix and asked if he could make some changes himself. Using his intuitive knowledge of audio equipment from DJing, once acquainted with the studio signal paths through the outboard processors, he completed his mix to his satisfaction and began his engineering career at the same time as his official studio rap career.
Continuing to DJ & record himself and others through the next few years with various groups he also took recording and production classes while attending Old Dominion University through 1990.

Old Dominion UniversityProduction/Recording Class. cir 1990.
Old Dominion UniversityProduction/Recording Class. cir 1990.

Working continuously since that time through today with a multitude of different artists and companies at various studios, Lewy Lew has incorporated the latest recording techniques and plug ins to give you the top quality sound you want for your music. 
 Working with you in a timely fashion but never rushing your project, he puts the same attention to detail and love for music into your mix that he puts into his own music to guarantee that you will love your finished product every time. 

Releases Mixed & Mastered by DJ Lewy Lew

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