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@Burga321 / @DJDRAMA - "AUDIO DOPE" Mixtape

"Audio Dope" Hosted By Dj Drama - Gangsta Grillz Say My Name...BURGA...Thank Ya ***Follow @Burga321*** Info/Booking: Big Beast 352.361.8529 / C. Wakeley 352.682.2040

@VA_Streetz1 / @Jet_Lagg_Singl BIG FACE BILLZ Official Video & Single

Big Face Billz Cover.jpg
 VA Streetz newest single & video premiering on radio, Itunes, Amazon, & all major online music retailers. ALL DJ's & Bloggers PLEASE show support & please request any drop scripts, interviews or additional material. DJ's please contact for servicevpack- bloggers please feel free to post video to your sites.

Click link below to see video

Hailing from the Phoebus area of Hampton, Virginia the Chicago native, currently residing in the Los Angeles, California area, highly experienced emcee VA Streetz is back again on his mission to impact the market. After decades of perfecting his craft from a young age starting out at "the lunch table," and in school talent shows to eventually rocking parties, open mics, freestyle battles & clubs dates as he got older while also building a trail of die-hard fans along the way. Currently releasing music through AVC Digital Media/XLProductionz/Universal Music Group BIG FACE BILLZ is the first of 3 videos/singles dropping to promote VA Streetz upcoming album scheduled for release in the months to come. Following VA Streetz is Tequila House which features VA Streetz' brother Jewel Cannon, emcees Bone Bizzle, Okey Dee & Double Cross, Texxas Pete, Figero|Baunchi & DJ Lewy Lew who, in addition to all being featured on the soon coming Tequila House Vol 1 all have album projects supported by singles with videos dropping later this year with other artists/groups working on projects in various stages.

Big Face Billz on Itunes link below:
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Big Face Billz Cover.jpg
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YouTube - Videos from this email

@FigeroBaunchi - TIN MAN Promo Video New #R&B Preview

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Phoebus For Real Video Shoot Shout Outs- @DoubleCross249 @OkeyD249 & @Bizzle249 -Phoebus,VA

  Behind the scenes footage of @DoubleCross249 @OkeyD249 & @Bizzle249 video shoot in Phoebus, Virginia. Phoebus 4 Real single & video dropping soon on Tequila House/AVC Digital/Universal Music Group.

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The D.O.C - It's Funky Enough (1989) Throwback Vid Of The Week

The D.O.C - It's Funky Enough (1989)  Throwback Vid Of The Week

Book Music Industry Giant @DJBigO317 at your next event.

Booking a Music Industry Giant DJBigO317 at your next event
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Get a chance to meet w/ one of the O.G's in the Music Industry with ova 30 years experience & 17 yrs of been a Radio Personality. DjBigO317 has been on world tours w/ groups like Aerosmith to Run DMC from Rock to Hip Hop. DjBigO317 has been doin Radio Placements for 365 Digital Radio Stations, Sirius Xm Radio & Fm Radio Syndication like "FatmanScoop &
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Ceo of Trucker Bangin Entertainment llc est. 2007
DjBigO317 is the Ceo of
DjBigO317 is the Ceo of
DjBigO317 is the Ceo of

DjBigO317 sits on various Music Industry Panels around the country Specializing in Branding & Radio Placements Fee $500 to $750 per event.

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   Your #1 Source for Music Promotions, Advertising, Distribution
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WHAT 2 EXPECT BY @MojoEnt6 via @4Tr3DJs @DJJoeyDNC @DJYoungJD @IndyTapes

01. Mojo - Intro 
02. Mojo - Salute Me
03. Mojo - Clublyfe 
04. Mojo - I'm Tryna Ball Out
05. Mojo - Seeing Double 
06. Mojo - She Like To Party
07. Mojo - Tuned Up
08. Mojo - Good Juug (ft. 4-One-0)
09. Mojo - How I Do (ft. Black & Six Shooter) 
10. Mojo - Till Um Gone ft. Deemann & Yung K
11. Mojo - Flashlights [Prod. By Lil Jon On Da Beat] 
12. Mojo - Put N Work (ft. 4-One-0)
13. Mojo - For Da Club [Prod. By Yung Jones] 
14. Mojo - 1st Place
15. Mojo - Just Wanna Ball 
16. Mojo - Must Just Don't Know
17. Mojo - On Another Level 
18. Mojo - Lights, Camera, Action (ft. 4-One-0)
19. Mojo - We Got It (Feat. Nasa Gang)
20. Mojo - BackStabbers
21. Mojo - We Boomin' (Feat. Hook) [Prod. By Dre Beatz]

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Coke La Rock: Hip Hop's First MC - If you rap, dj, produce, love rap music or Hip Hop this is a MUST SEE!!!

Coke La Rock: Hip Hop's First MC - If you rap, love rap music or Hip Hop this is a MUST SEE!!!

@DjKoolaideMix with an "E" Radio Personality on WVQC via @CHARLEESMILES @DJBigO317

   Information Provided by: Angela Reuss
                                                                    Story by: CharleeSmiles

Hello World! It's Charleesmiles and I would love to reintroduce  Ms. Angela Reuss aka Dj KoolAide was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio.  Her name is KoolAide because of the diversity in the flavors and colors in the drink mix called Kool-Aid - which is related to the diversity of the people in music and in the world.  She currently has a radio show in Cincinnati Ohio on 95.7FM WVQC and works for Media Bridges which is a community TV and radio station. 
She started her career as a photographer when she was 19 years old . In 1998 starting with children’s and family portraits, then evolving into photography of weddings, models, entertainers and marketing.            
Angela and her FatherThomas Reuss {Lead Guitarist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer}
Angela and her Father
Thomas Reuss {Lead Guitarist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer}
Her creative inspirations and main influence came from her father Thomas Reuss who was a lead guitarist, musician, producer, and song writer.  Her Grandfather Lawrence Wollner who was a professional photographer.  She is also inspired and encouraged by her 3 children.
A young DJ Koolaide with her Grandfather Lawrence Wollner {Professional Photographer}
A young DJ Koolaide with her Grandfather Lawrence Wollner
{Professional Photographer}
Even though her father taught her mostly classical rock on the guitar, her passion continued to evolve into hip hop.   In the year 2000, she began exploring her capabilities with hip hop music and started mixing samples and producing hip hop beats as a hobby.   
Dj KoolAide also raised 3 children while struggling in a relationship with a drug abuser.  She also experienced racial discrimination and harassment from one of her employers.  This experience among many others has inspired her to fight against racism and to work to bring together different cultures and diversities.
DJ Koolaide with Christopher Smitherman Cincinnati City Council Member and President of the NAACP
DJ Koolaide with Christopher Smitherman Cincinnati City Council Member and President of the NAACP
In the year 2009 she broke free from the relationship, became a single mother; and continued working on her career as a photographer while still working for nonprofit organizations. 
In 2010, Dj KoolAide found Media Bridges in Cincinnati (a place she calls home).   Media Bridges is a nonprofit organization that bridges the gap between the community and the media and provides access to the people to broadcast their views on radio and TV.  She started as a volunteer and within a few days, was hired as an employee.   She took classes in graphics, website, video editing, video production, studio, and radio.   Throughout her time at Media Bridges, she has become a graphic artist, started her own radio show; and participated in various music videos and TV shows.
Dj Koolaide interviewing Twan and Round (Country Hip Hop Artists)
Dj Koolaide interviewing Twan and Round (Country Hip Hop Artists)
Even though Dj KoolAide never aspired to be on the radio, she was inspired to produce and host a show which is now known as the World Hip Hop Movement.   She now enjoys producing her shows and hosting. While interviewing various artists and showing people there is a different way of looking at the people and music of the world.  Both the show and the World Hip Hop Movement itself is God based and is designed to bring together different cultures and diversities through the universal language of music.  The other purpose of the show is to help talented indie artists by giving them radio air play.  She has done her own PR and marketing to bring the World Hip Hop Movement organization to what it is today.
World Choir Games: Dj Koolaide with Bootsy and Patti Collins
World Choir Games: Dj Koolaide with Bootsy and Patti Collins
In 2012, she started working for Party Pleasers Dj Company that was founded by Tim Fritz.  The company is ranked number 5 in the nation for the quality of their lighting and Djs.  Also during 2012, she wrote a book titled “Mom Dollar Money” which has been copy written and is due to be published in the spring of 2013. She also recently brought on an assistant/co-host (Jose Davis).
 Dj KoolAide has worked to expand the World Hip Hop Movement network to various areas of the world by airing both well-known and unknown talented artist’s music from all over the world; being a part of the World Choir Games; Traveling to various areas of the U.S; Traveling to Israel; and being a media correspondent for various events both inside and out of Cincinnati.   The World Hip Hop Movement continues to catch on and expand.  Because of her talents, hard work and dedication to the cause; she won an award for Best Dj from the Northern Kentucky Greater Cincinnati Hip Hop Awards in 2012.
World Choir Games: DJ Koolaide with the Prime Note Ensemble (Filipino Choir from California)
World Choir Games: DJ Koolaide with the Prime Note Ensemble (Filipino Choir from California)
Regardless of the fact that Dj KoolAide was raised in a small town with majority white people where many were racist; she has always been known to respect humans as humans, no matter their cultural background, their belief, their race, social class/status, etc.  One of her goals is for people to understand that love goes further than hate.   She believes that working together and supporting one another will lead to success for all. 
Dj KoolAide is selective as to what music she plays on the show and the preferred sound is something fun and upbeat.   The types of music that she doesn’t air is music that speaks on glorifying violence, drugs, degrading women, another race or anything too raunchy.  She believes that true talent should prevail; and says she is happy and privileged to give anyone who has strong talents and abilities the opportunity to put their music out there and to help them grow. 
DJ Koolaide hard work, focus, and dedication was recognized  nominations and win on December 15, 2012 at the First Annual Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Hip Hop Awards given by K-Yo.
1st Annual Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Hip Hop Awards: Dj Koolaide won award for Best DJ
1st Annual Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Hip Hop Awards: Dj Koolaide won award for Best DJ
If you want to listen to her show, you can tune in on Tuesday’s at 5pm EST. on
Contact Info:

BET's 106 & PARK kicks YOUNG STARS WEEK ft @TheRealBSmyth @TheRealCocoJ @MindlessBhavior @TrevorJackson5 via @BatmanVaPromotr

B. READY for
As 106&PARK kicks off
an interview &  performance of
6PM on BET!!!
Description: Description: C:\Users\edwardb\Desktop\Young Stars Week Gfx.png
106 & PARK” airs daily at 6 P.M.* ET/PT on BET with hosts Bow Wow, Paigion, Shorty Da Prince and Miss Mykie
Xzibit and Clinton Sparks to Judge Freestyle Friday on March 15th
NEW YORK, NY (March 11, 2013) – Building and branding YOUNG STARS, “106 & PARK” celebrates young stars with a week of performances from today’s brightest rising artists.  Kicking off the week will be Motown’s newest teen sensation B. Smyth on Monday, March 11th hitting the stage to perform his latest single “Leggo.”  At 19 years old, B. Smyth’s latest single continues to rise on the charts and the “106 & PARK” countdown.  Tuesday, March 12th, teen sensation Mindless Behavior returns to the stage for a takeover and performance to celebrate their latest album, “All around the World.” On Wednesday, March 13th Disney star and triple threat,CoCo Jones, will visit the set for the first time to perform her single “Holla At the DJ” and talk about her first EP, “Made Of.”  With a triple dose of stardom, Thursday, March 14, will the biggest show of the week, with Young Marqus and Jacob Latimore performing their hit, “Send Me a Picture,” and Trevor Jackson, our second Disney star of the week will new joint his video, “Like We Grown.”
“106 & PARK” has been a consistent launching pad for incredible young talent,” said President of Music Programming and Specials, Stephen G. Hill.  “It’s the show that brings you the heat first and Young Stars week is a great example of that.  We are proud to bring to national attention this new crop of future-superstars who will soon be household names… and fixtures on our countdown, I’m sure.”
Continuing a legacy and providing aspiring rappers an opportunity to perform for millions of viewers, “106 & PARK’s” popular series, Freestyle Friday, will continue Friday, March 15th, with Xzibit and Clinton Sparks as judges for the weekly rap battle and follow the progress of Freestyle Friday champions by visiting
For more information on “106 & PARK” visit Join the conversation on social media by logging on to BET’s multiple social media platforms:
·         On Facebook by liking the fan page at
·         On Twitter by using hashtags: #new106 or #on106today; follow the show for all updates @106andPark.
·         On Google plus at G+ 106 and Park.
·         Download the free “106 & PARK” award-winning app now for iOS or Android.
About B. Smyth                            @TheRealBSmyth / official Twitter and Instagram
An amazing singer/entertainer from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. B. Smyth’s main source of starting his singing career comes from YouTube. Posting covers from Michael Jackson (Human Nature), Frank Ocean (Thinking About You), Usher (Climax), Maxwell (Womans Work), and Miguel (Sure Thing), just to name a few. Performing in many different showcases, he was courted by several major record labels and decided to make Motown Records his home. And if his electric single “Leggo” ft. 2 Chainz is any indication of the infectious, upbeat direction he’s moving in, there’s no question that B. Smyth will be here for a while.
About Coco Jones          @TheRealCocoJ official Twitter / @TheRealCocoJones official Instagram
With her debut Hollywood Records EP, “Made Of,” out March 12th, Coco Jones shows the world what her growing fan base already knows: she is a spectacular talent of limitless potential. This summer, Coco plans to release her debut full-length Hollywood Records album, but she’s not waiting until then to make things happen. This spring Coco readies herself for upcoming tour plans, and will make cameo appearances like her recent stint on Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie” alongside label mate Bridgit Mendler.  Coco’s video for “Holla at the DJ,” the EP’s debut single, surpassed 1.4 million views in a mere 2 months, and garnered praise from MTV news who likened Coco’s video performance to a “young BeyoncĂ©”. Last year, she starred in the film, “Let It Shine,” which became the Disney Channel’s #1 original film of the year, racking up more than 5.7 million viewers. Her fresh talent attracted bookers for Essence Music Festival’s “New & Next” concert where she would then perform alongside Diggy Simmons in 2012.
About Mindless Behavior       @MindlessBhavior / official Twitter and Instagram
Mindless Behavior, featuring teen sensations Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton, has built a fervent fan following by mixing R&B, pop and hip-hop harmonies with slick dance moves. Their debut album #1 Girl debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and sold over 290,000 copies, 5.5 million ringtones, and over 845,000 singles while racking up over 160 million views on YouTube and amassing millions of adoring fans around the world.  They have been crowned “the princes of social media” by Teen Vogue and have also had five #1 videos on BET’s “106 & Park.” The quartet has toured with top musical artists including Janet Jackson, Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber and is currently in the midst of their own 25-city headlining tour.
Their eagerly anticipated second album, All Around the World, featuring the single “Keep Her On The Low,” will be released on March 12. Target will carry the exclusive deluxe album containing four bonus tracks- available only at Target and Mindless Behavior’s debut film, also titled All Around the World, will be released via AMC Independent theaters on March 15.  Produced by leading YouTube channel AwesomenessTV, the documentary and concert movie provides a look at the group that even their most rabid fans have never seen before. It gives a glimpse into the making of Mindless Behavior’s beginnings, allowing audiences to follow the journeys of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal as they chase their dreams.
About Trevor Jackson      @TrevorJackson5 / official Twitter and Instagram
Trevor Jackson is a sixteen-year-old triple-threat with an Atlantic Records debut on the horizon. The Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter got his first moment in the spotlight performing as "Young Simba" in Disney's Tony Award-winning three-year national tour of The Lion King. After being signed to Atlantic Records, Jackson hit the studio to work with premier hit-makers such as The Underdogs [Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake] JR Rotem [Sean Kingston, Destiny’s Child] and Brian Kennedy [Rihanna, Chris Brown]. Now, he's armed with veritable R&B anthems that temper his impressive sound with irresistible melodies. He's delivered that smooth R&B mixture on stage, opening up for everyone from Michael McDonald and Ziggy Marley to Raphael Saadiq, Jason Mraz, and more. Having recently released his first single "Like We Grown," to an overwhelming positive response from both critics and fans alike, Jackson now stands primed to leave his mark on R&B/Pop music.
About 106 & PARK
A powerful presence in the music and entertainment industry, “106 & Park” has been the #1 music variety show on cable for the past 15 consecutive quarters among adults 18-49, according to the Nielsen Company, and has been integral in launching the careers of numerous hip-hop and R&B artists. “106 & PARK” has become THE destination for today's brightest stars including Denzel Washington, Madonna, BeyoncĂ©, Jay Z, Diddy, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Queen Latifah, Will Ferrell, Lady Gaga, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Lebron James, 50 Cent, Sienna Miller, Will Smith, Drake, Katie Holmes, Trey Songz, Kirk Franklin, Snoop Dogg, and many, many others.
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@illalskratch / @BUCBoys -Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way) Throwback Vid Of The Week

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@Lil_Mook_BBE - RESPECT: Official Video @RocCrownzBitch @BSoundBeatz

@Lil_Mook_BBE @RocCrownzBitch @BSoundBeatz

"Bully Basher Tour" March 22 Cleveland,Ohio via @DJBigO317 @djball216 @DJJohnnyO @BigHeff @A1dalastDrop @KcaneMarkco @Black_NRC

Story by: NerveDjs own DjBigO317 

On March 22,2013 The Mtv/Artists KCAne MarkCOA1dalastDropBlack_NRC & there "Bully Basher Tour" makes there 2nd trip back to Cleveland,Ohio area w/ DjBigO317 ofNerve Djs at The Phantasy 11802 Detroit Ave. Lakewood ,Ohio. w/ special invited guest Associated Records, President of Nerve Djs Mr. "Dj Johnny O" & Vice President ofNerve Djs & Midwest Def Jam Records A&R rep Mr. Quincy "Big Heff" Taylor.

This GIPBKR Showcase event is made possible because of Nerve Djs own Dj Ball & Ms Jenny Pooh. Other featured artist include some Clevaland's own Nina NicoleKing Kobra,Draft Pick & Young Shon.

For all Booking & Media request please contact Oliver "DjBigO317" Jackson at 317-701-5285 concerning
Mtv/Artists KCAne MarkCOA1dalastDrop & Black_NRC

                          OLIVER "DjBigO317"JACKSON CEO of  Trucker Bangin Ent. llc
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