Saturday, March 9, 2013

MTV Anti-bullying campaign Press Release via @Charleesmiles @nervedjscom ‏@DjBigO317 @KcaneMarkco

Story by: Charleesmiles

Press Release Details provided by: Ms. Terica Bergan

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Parent Efforts Prompt MTV DJ to perform
at STEAM Academy

In support of Anti-bullying campaign
Benton Harbor, MI

On Monday, March 4th at 1:30 PM, the students at STEAM Academy in Benton Harbor
Michigan will be treated to an anti-bully music performance by NerveDjs own
DJBigO317 and MTV’s Kcane Marko.

In the fall, teachers and staff set out to make changes to the climate and culture at the
school and parents eagerly joined. Parents of the school, alongside staff, organized
and funded a Valentine’s Day dance at the end of the school day that was only open to
students that had demonstrated positive, respectful, non-aggressive behavior since the
fall. Over 290 students out of about 400 were invited and remarked how it was the best
dance ever.

“In my 19 years with the district, it was unlike any dance that I have ever experienced,”
says Principal April Margaritis. “The students had fun, felt safe and look forward to
being invited to the next dance.” The dance prompted behaviors from students that
allowed the teachers and staff to have fun together and build strong trusting
relationships. Building these relationships is important so students who experience or
witness acts of aggression will say something and get help.
The DJ at the dance was so moved by what he saw, he contacted friends in the music
industry and they took notice.

With 30 years in the music industry, affiliated with NerveDJs, DjBigO317 Oliver Jackson
of Southbend, Indiana joins forces with Mtv's own Kcane Markco of St. Louis as they
sweep the country side with their Anti-Bullying campaign.
They visit different elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges addressing the
student body on bullying and harassment. Letting the students know, "That it's cool to
be in school, it's not cool to be a bully in school!"
The program is suitable for all ages!!! “Our focus is to build awareness before any
tragedies strike!”

To contact for more information:

Oliver (DjBigO317) Jackson

Kcane Markco