Sunday, July 21, 2019

ATLTOP20 Presents: Catalog Wars | T.I. via @ATLTop20

ATLTOP20 Presents: Catalog Wars 
At ATLTOP20, we will always pay homage to the legends that came before us. In an effort to further that agenda we came up with ATLTOP20 PRESENTS: CATALOG WARS. We will provide 20 songs from some of the biggest artists in urban music. This is not a typical 'greatest hits' collage; we compiled the songs that created and marked moments in time and the respective legends' careers. When dealing with the extensive catalogs of legends it is next to impossible to narrow it down to 20 songs, but it is a challenge we gladly accept for the culture. We understand certain inclusions and exemptions spark debate. The lists could possibly cause controversy. However, it plays a part in giving our legends the roses while they can still smell them.
The first legend in our series will be Clifford Harris aka T.I.. He has a career that dates back to his debut album in 2001 titled I'm Serious. Over the last 18 years, he has released several albums with critical and commercial success. He has also signed artists (Young Dro, B.O.B, Travis Scott, etc.) and was also the first featured artist in DJ Drama's legendary Gangsta Grillz mixtape series. His pedigree speaks for itself and we will allow the legend's catalog do all the talking for him.

*DISCLAIMER* All songs included on the lists are from commercial releases only. No mixtape songs were included.

ATLTOP20 Presents: Catalog Wars | T.I.
1. Dope Boyz (Im Serious)
2. Do It (Im Serious)
3. Look What I Got (Trap Muzik)
4. 24's (Trap Muzik)
5. Rubberban Man (Trap Muzik)
6. Be Easy (Trap Muzik)
7. ASAP (Urban Legend)
8. Bring Em Out (Urban Legend)
9. Motivation (Urban Legend)
10. Stand Up (Urban Legend)
11. Bankhead (King)
12. Front, Back (King)
13. What You Know (King)
14. Why You Wanna (King)
15. Da Dopeman (T.i Vs Tip)
16. Big Things Poppin (T.i Vs Tip)
17. Live Ya Life (Paper Trail)
18. Whats Up, Whats Happening (Paper Trail)
19. Sorry (Heavy Is The Head)
20. About The Money (Paperwork)
Bonus Tracks
Still Aint Forgave Myself (Im Serious)
Doing My Job (Trap Muzik)
Freak Though (Urban Legend)
Ride Wit Me (King)
Help Is Coming (T.i Vs Tip)
Swagger Like Us (Paper Trail)
Welcome To The World (No Mercy)

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