Saturday, January 13, 2018

OOSHEWANPARTY by @sololamaze ft @djkhaled via via @DJJohnnyO @BigHeff @nervedjsmixtape @WeBreakTrax #NerveDJs

Listen, Rate and Download "OoSheWanParty" by Solo LaMaze Ft DJ Khaled
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Listen, Rate and Download "OoSheWanParty" by Solo LaMaze Ft DJ Khaled
When you think about a gifted artist there are not too many as creative and talented as Solo LaMaze. Born in Chicago and raised in Louisville, KY he is a breath of fresh air for the growing music scene in the Midwest. As with all the greats,Solo LaMaze found his passion early picking up the mic at the tender age of 11. His love for hip-hop and music started in battle rap but soon evolved when he begin his career as a recording artist at age 12. Experience is the best teacher, and his teenage years were spent perfecting his craft not only as an artist but also as a producer and engineer. Little did he know that the countless hours spent in the studio would place him leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. His debut project “Year of Solo” released in 2003 with much success and was followed by “Synthetic Dope LP” where he acted as executive producer, producing and engineering the entire album himself. In the coming years he followed suite dropping “Bowel Movement” (no pun intended), “Beast Mode Vol. 1 & 2”, “Rare Form”, and “Sushi Sushi Sushi”.
When local producers denied him access to studio time and beats much like his hometown hero Muhammad Ali he responded like any champion would and opened his own studio and production company, Organized Swagg, before his 18th birthday. His first single “Eeeh” blazed Louisville’s number one hip-hop station, B96.5 WGZB, for weeks and when his next single followed, “Lace Me Up”, he was basically a household name. As his notoriety rose so did his ambitions to be more than a local artist/producer and his cutting edge and diverse style had already caught the ear of some of the music industry’s leading artists.
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Besides Lil Wayne, Solo was the last person to work with Grammy Award winning rapper Static Major before his untimely death, an experience he’ll never forget. His credits as producer go on to include the likes of David Banner, Beanie Sigel, Juvenile, Sean Paul of the Young Bloods, Kool Daddy Fresh, Twista, J-Kwon, Mr. Serve On, and Young Bleed to name a few. Whether Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, or Rock, Solo LaMaze’s skill as an artist and producer allows him to bring the best out of any artist who has the privilege of working with him.
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