Saturday, January 13, 2018

WE GOOD by @sweetXOmusic via @DJJohnnyO @BigHeff @nervedjsmixtape @WeBreakTrax #NerveDJs

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Listen, Rate and Download "We Good" by Sweet XO
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Listen, Rate and Download "We Good" by Sweet Xo
Sweet XO trio

SweetXo is an Urban-pop girl group from New Jersey. Who not only writes and arranges their own music, but are best friends since high school. Their sound is a unique fusion of R&B and pop with a rock edge. Since the three girls have such different backgrounds in music, it allows SweetXO to be versatile with songs ranging from ballads to upbeat dance music. This has lead them to create their new single "We Good" witch was written and tailored to incorporate each girls style. They have each mastered their styles enabling them to seamlessly blend their sounds to create music appealing to many audiences.

Kariselle Snow grew up in a small town in New Jersey called East Hanover. She started singing before she even said her first word. Her whole life she's known that music was what she was meant to do. She grew up listening to Nirvana, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Queen which developed her passion for rock music. At only 12 years old she joined her first band as lead singer and had been performing with a band up until she started college. After 2 years she dropped out of school once she came to terms that following her passion was much more important than taking the safe route. She then evolved from her punk rock roots into a brand new genre after leaving that world behind,.

Kelly Roche, originally from Mamaroneck, NY had always been drawn to music and the performing arts. From throwing shows for her classmates to making music videos with her siblings. She showed at a very early age that she had a passion to entertain. Although she never took dance classes, she spent a lot of her free time looking up dance music videos and dancing in her mirror. Kelly even formed girl groups and dance teams in elementary school, mimicking some of her biggest inspirations: Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, TLC, Ciara, Missy Elliot and Aaliyah. As time went on it became very apparent to her that music is something she'd seriously want to pursue as a career. Against her family & friends wishes, she dropped out of college to devote all her time & energy into her passion: music

Singer Nani Wells has been singing from a young age. At 5 she was enrolled in all of her church's choirs and musicals. She used music to cope with any struggles she went through. Playing the piano, singing, and rehearsing for the next schools musical was all part of her daily routine. Nani has a love for pop music. She was heavily inspired by Britney Spears and even dressed up as her for Halloween! Nani is fun loving, and bursting with energy, much like her music. Nani loves to spread positivity and get people up and dancing!
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